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Reflections on my latest trip to Bangladesh

I was in Bangladesh recently visiting my relatives and friends. The air flight from Philadelphia was long via the Qatar Airways. Previously, like many airlines Qatar Airways did not have a direct flight out of Philadelphia. Now it does, which allowed me to avoid traveling to nearby JFK airport in NY or Dulles airport in Washington D.C. to catch the flight.
The flight from Philadelphia to Doha in late October was half-full and I was able to quickly spot some open row seats, and took advantage of one such row in the middle to rest better there than the seat I was assigned to. The flight entertainment system with access to many latest movies was great, and so were the foods served. The flight attendants were highly professional and very courteous. The toilets were clean and tidy.
I had bought the ticket on-line. Unfortunately, it required a stop-over at Qatar’s capital Doha for more than 12 hours. Per rules established by the airlines industry, I assumed that the Qatar Airways would prov…