Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Governance in Bangladesh

Ref: http://www.goodgovernancebd.org/

Mr. Syed Ahsanul Alam Parvez has been leading a drive towards good governance in Bangladesh for quite sometime. However, like many other good efforts and initiatives, lodged by many concerned citizens and NGOs, Mr. Parvez's call for good governance thus far has only met deaf ears from those in higher offices. There is no doubt that without good governance, transparency and accountability, no organization, let alone a government -- liberal or illiberal, democratic or not-so-democratic -- can empower its constituents. Unfortunately, the absence of such building blocks has been the modus operandi of many governments, including that of Bangladesh.

In the write-up "A Cautionary Note to Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina," Mr. Parvez has brought up some issues that deserve serious consideration from the newly elected government of Sheikh Hasina Wazed. I pray and hope that in the aftermath of recent election victory (considered to be the fairest election ever held in the history of Bangladesh and Pakistan), which epitomized citizen's overwhelming desire for a change, she will do the needful, thus transforming Bangladesh into a n ation of responsible and informed citizens.

My only serious concern is that change for better cannot succeed without having citizens that are good. This was rightly understood by our Prophet Muhammad (S), when some 14 centuries ago he said, "As you are, so will be your leadership." [Note that while many bad and corrupt guys have been overthrown in the recent election, there are still some criminals and murderers who got elected, which show that Bangladesh's citizens are far from being responsible citizens.] There is no denying that we have a serious leadership crisis in the Muslim world, and a drastic change in our attitude is necessary to tackle this grave problem (please, see the article: "A leadership primer; why are we failing miserably?" to read some suggestions I made last year; see, e.g.,

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