Thursday, May 28, 2009

Comments on Dr. M.T. Hussain's write-up on Fascism


Recently I came across the above write-up by Dr. M.T. Hussain and unfortunately, found the piece to be nothing but anti-AL cyber-terrorism! He and many such partisans are like idol worshipers of their 'netas/netris' (leaders)! Nothing can be found in their pieces other than exaggerating issues. Such highly polarized views are quite insulting to our intellectual ability to think independently and draw neutral conclusions.

When the Peelkhana tragedy took place I was in Bangladesh glued to the TV to understand various points of views by various experts and analysts. I believe rather strongly that had strong-arm tactics been taken by the Armed Forces to quell the mutiny, many more people would have died. To me, saving one life is like saving humanity. I am no fan of Sk. Hasina and how she conducts her official business. But I felt that the way she had handled the matter coolly was the best way to handle the crisis under the circumstances the country found itself in the face of such a mutiny without any preparation for handling crisis of this nature. The latter Bashundhara fire accident once again highlighted the fact that the country requires a Crisis Management Group to deal with such problems.

If some admirers, chatukars (and our Bangladeshis are too good in this trade!) like Nanak and Azam call PM Hasina now as "Daughter of Peace" should we be concerned? I doubt it. Such epithets, when created undeservingly, start and end with the chatukars. It was the same chatukar bahini that flocked around Sk. Mujib when he ruled the country and okayed the formation of BKSAL. I remember how my mother was so disgusted to hear BUET VC Dr. Waheeduddin praise Sk. Mujib for that political transition (in her words: "Toder VCr moto loko jodi erokom nirlazzer moto chatukarita kore ta hole desher aar kee bhobishat! Deshta kothai jacche?").

M.T. Hussain obviously has no understanding of what Fascism is, otherwise he would not have used the word so profusely, so irresponsibly to depict the behavior of DU (?) VC and Law Minister. In failed illiberal democracies like ours, our politicians and people in authority still have not learned how to talk civil and have the morol-giri "Dekhe Nebo" attitude when they talk with disagreeing subordinates. But to qualify such verbiage with Fascism is stretching facts.

Dr. Hussain, Mia and Hamid idolize Mowlana Bhashani. They may like to read Dr. G. W. Chowdhury's book to understand what their 'great leader' Bhashani was doing in 1971. [See Dr. G.W. Chowdhury’s book - The Last Days of a United Pakistan – and the article: "Bangladesh: Why It Happened." International Affairs. (1973). 48(2): 242-249]

It is true that Rakkhi Bahini was no angel, much like how people view the RAB today. But can one deny the fact that in the post-liberation period many innocent people were killed like "bolir patha" by the hoodlums, terrorists of the Sarbahara Party and many pro-Bhashani/pro-Chinese naxalite groups? These groups' main aim was to crush the freedom fighters during the liberation war, and in the post-liberation era create a failed society with its orgy of murder and terrorism. In its fight with such terrorists, what the Rakkhi Bahini did was nothing unusual for similar forces like the FBI and the ATF in the USA. It is necessary for greater good of the society that stern actions are taken against anti-social bandits. By going after those criminals, unfortunately, the Rakkhi Bahini was much maligned by the opportunist leftists and pro-Pakistani sympathizers in Bangladesh. A very distorted view was created in the free media that the Rakkhi Bahini was better equipped than the Army. Subsequent analysis only unveiled the fact that there was not an iota of truth in all those mailicious claims. Now we know that the so-called Trotskyte Sirajul Alam Khan was actually on the CIA payroll all these years.

Dr. Hussain talks about freedom restored through the killing of Sk. Mujib in August 1975. He has no bite of conscience to say that those who murdered unarmed people like Russel, wives of Jamal and Kamal and many others were "hereos." What a perversion! How can killing of innocent human beings be a heroic act? Can he say the same thing for the killing of Gen. Zia? The problem with such bloated statement is that they only exhibit one's own Fascistic leanings and nothing else.

Dr. Hussain may like to view the link that was recently sent to me by someone - to get a glimpse of good OLD DAYS! If he is looking for Fascism in Bangladesh, these are no flattering scenes to take a peek.

Dr. M.T. Hussain says that the fascist activities of the AL in the post-1996 election led to the party's defeat in 2001. Why then he has problem accepting the simile that the fascist activities of the BNP in post-2001 had led to its defeat in the last election? And yet, he has no qualms about calling the recent election verdict as being doctored by the "US-Indo" block to put their lackeys into power. If one wants to live in a world of hallucination one can only fool oneself and no one else!

I am sure if called for, many AL partisans can show a longer list of grievances than made by the BNP die-hards.

The unfortunate fact is none of the political parties and leaders in Bangladesh have learned anything from history - why people vote for them and why they get rejected. They continue on the old path like "summoom bookmun oomyoons." As Ashis Nandy has so correctly said only with death or retirement of these netris and old netas can we rethink and see some bright light at the end of the tunnel. But retirement is out of question for the defeated Begum, and highly unlikely for the Jononetri! So Bangladesh continues to reinvent her wheel of mismanagement and extortion-based politics. That is the sad reality of our time!

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