Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A letter to Congressman Ron Klein of Florida

Dear Congressman Klein,
What is needed is a nuclear-free world, and not just nuclear-free Iran. What you guys are proposing in the House is a hypocritical one to safeguard the nuclear-Brahmins while going after nuclear-wannabes, the nomo-sudra, nuclear-untouchables like Iran. Why not at least try for a nuclear-free Middle East by ensuring that Israel does not have nuclear arsenal? Do you know that Israel is not even a signatory to the NPT while Iran is? But you won't do that essential task, and you won't even condemn the rogue state for her monumental war crimes.

So, why all this fuss about Iran's nuclear peaceful program? Have not we seen enough what the immediately past Republican administration did to our economy by misleading our nation into Iraq's never-to-be-found WMDs? If you have found one WMD there, please, share that information with our American citizens before trying to push us into a new war against Iran.

And please, stop your hypocritical resolutions in the House, behaving like an Amen Center for the Israeli government that likes nothing better than the U.S. fighting its dirty wars. Such old games are counterproductive and harmful to our national interest, and must be shun. I condemn your hypocritical act wholeheartedly.

I hope my concerned voice is worth some pondering for you people in the congress.

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