Thursday, November 26, 2009

Comments on the Bombay carnage of last year

The Bombay (I hate to use Hindutvadi terms) carnage poses so many unanswered questions that we truly are puzzled by the motives and its players, direct or indirect. Early reports suggested that the terrorists consumed haram before going in, and even included uncircumcised guys - these are surely not the pictures that emerge for the so-called Islamist terrorists. We heard the same stories about some of the perpetrators of the 9/11 who drank wine and had visited strip bars where lap dances were performed on some of them by strippers, before their "Godly" mission. And yet mysteriously a Qur'an is left behind in the rental car of one hijacker before he flies, and even a last will! He even quarrels for the right to park in the parking lot of the airport with another traveler - as if to be known or remembered. Why would someone do things like that to attract so much attention unto himself before carrying out his so secretive mission? An explanation that "criminals always leave behind important clues" seems too unreal for guys like 'Ata, who were considered very cool and brilliant by those that met or known them. I can't add two plus two here to get four! Something too odd, too unexplainable, too sinister and confusing to a rational mind, unless I can imagine things beyond the normal - something like the Game theory. Who knows!

And that is why, we don't have shortage of the conspiracy theorists! But can one blame them when we know so little about such important matters, and our common sense seems to betray us from drawing a seemingly rationale conclusion? Not surprisingly, we hear about the Mossad agents in both of these cases who are accused of funding the crimes without probably the knowledge of the very actors who perpetrated such crimes.

Could all these players (9/11 and Bombay) have been manipulated patsies in the context of a relatively sophisticated operation mounted by forces within some intelligence community(ies), using sophisticated methods and assets, a theory so beautifully presented by Webster Tarpley in his analysis of the Fort Hood carnage (see, e.g., In an old article of mine, I have tried to draw parallel between OBL's actions and those of Hasan-e Sabah of the Hashishyyn of the middle ages (see, Media Monitors Network: Understanding OBL through the lenses of the past, or the New Age Op/ed:
Those fanatics were accused of getting drunk before their crimes in the public (this accusation of being drunk is however totally rejected by the Ismailis). Even then I am not sure if I did a justice to portray the current players of such well publicized terrorist acts of our time as following the footsteps of the hashishyyn.

Dr Taj Hashmi's theory of narco-traffic and connection of Dawud Ibrahim tries to throw some light into what has been rather too confusing of an episode in Bombay. This, I assume, is based on allegations that the Bombay players killed some Israeli Jews, who might have been involved with drug trafficking, before the main event. A more thorough research may help us find the real answers to our still unanswered queries behind the Bombay carnage. That is what is needed from an impartial, objective looking researcher. Hashmi's essay, based merely on speculations, like most of his other shoddy works of research, fails to meet the curiosity of many of us on this sad episode.

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