Monday, February 15, 2010

Court cases against Bush's extraordinary renditions

New York Times has a good piece on Bush's detention policy that unjustly victimized many Muslims.
It is sad to see that President Obama, much in contrast to his call for openness and transparency, is not only trying to shut down a civil lawsuit brought by such victims on a flimsy national security claim that has been rendered even flimsier by the British court, but also has refused to support any real investigation of Mr. George W. Bush’s lawless detention policies.

I agree with the editor of NY Times that rather than fight, the Obama administration should offer an apology and a monetary settlement like Canada did three years ago to such victims.

If President Obama truly wants to repair the damages made by his predecessor and try to prevent them from recurring, he must take a real accounting of the Bush administration’s abuses. He cannot afford behaving like an ostrich.

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