Friday, February 5, 2010

Yet another murder of a Rohingya by the SPDC regime in Myanmar

It is really a shocking news to hear about the murder of a Rohingya man by the Sarapa (military intelligence). My heart bleeds hearing such horrendous crimes that see no slowing down in spite of all the voices of condemnation of the SPDC regime heard from outside, governments and non-governments alike. What the SPDC regime is doing to the Rohingya people of Arakan is a slow but definite genocidal campaign. It is slow enough not to be in the radar screen of most human rights groups and governments but steady enough to make the Rohingya an extinct human group, unless such a crime is stopped once and for all time immediately. Sadly, the victims are not welcome anywhere, not even in the neighboring countries like Bangladesh and Thailand which have taken a push-back strategy to worsen their plight upon return. By implementing push-back strategy, these neighboring states are aiding in war crimes. It is deplorable and criminal to the core. Hypocritical is also the stand of governments of countries like the USA, the UK and France that speak loud about human rights, and always all agog about crying out foul with actions of the Iranian government against demonstrators while they are conveniently silent on this genocidal campaign. It is simply painful to observe such a crime go on for so long.
May Allah help the Rohingya and come to their rescue!

Kaladan News

February 5, 2010

Sarapa kills Rohingya man in Maungdaw, Arakan

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Sarapa (Military Intelligence) killed a Rohingya man after torturing him severely on January 4, in Maungdaw Town, Arakan State, after calling him to their office, according to a close relative of the victim on condition of anonymity.

The victim was identified as Zahir Ahmed (47), son of Boshor from Ward No.2 or Khari Para of Maungdaw Town.

On January 3, at about 8 am, the victim was called by Sergeant Maung Pru of Sarapa to their office in Ward No.1 of Maungdaw Town, while the victim was standing in front of Hamidul Hougue’s betel quid shop at the Khari Para crossroad. (The rest of the news can be read in the Kaladan Press)

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