Thursday, March 25, 2010

Disturbing news about AL government's curbing of ACC power

It is sad to see the ruling AL govt in Bangladesh is not keeping up with its election promises to let the crime-Czar ACC do its task uninterrupted and uncoerced. The ACC is run by a very honest bureaucrat, Golam Rahman; and many there are very capable people to do the task with right kind of provisions made by the govt. But if it is allowed to work without the biting teeth and nails, it would turn out to be a joke. There won't be any weeding out of corruption from Bangladesh. The Mahajote government ought to know that that is not why our people have put them into power. They must never weaken the ACC's power, if they are sincere. Any curbing of the ACC's power would show that they are insincere and only care about protecting themselves.

People will not forgive such a deliberate breach of election promises. Let the government read the writings on the wall. It is never too late to correct its mis-steps and stupid decisions.

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