Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,
I have been a great supporter of your presidency since before you got elected as the President of our nation. I continue to believe that your intentions are good. However, more and more it is becoming difficult for many like me to say that you are for a change in global injustice and against war when in reality you have escalated war in Afghanistan. I understand your dilemma like that of former President Lyndon B. Johnson. But know that Afghanistan will not find a real solution with a war ravaging over her that sees the Afghans losing their loved ones in war and bombs dropped from American planes. They have to go back to their traditional ways, something that was there before the communist rule and the Soviet invasion. That can happen again, and we can facilitate that, through honorable negotiations of the Afghan people where everyone has its due share of government, and the government formed is neither dominated by a particular ethnic community nor by our puppets.

Palestine is bleeding due to Netanyahu's hard-line and criminal policies, which must be stopped. We cannot continue rewarding Israel with our hard-earned dollars, especially when we, the ordinary Americans are suffering the worst economic disaster of the new century. Israel uses our economic and military aid to kill Palestinian civilians and build settlements that undercut our own policy, let alone declared illegal by the World Court in the Hague. We must stop all funding to Israel until a real peace is found there by allowing the Palestinians to live as a free nation in the pre-1967 border. Nothing short of it will be acceptable or right.

Instead of war, please, consider investing your administration's valuable time into peace-efforts so that our world is a better place to share rather than war that fosters hostility and tension.

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