Wednesday, March 24, 2010

University of Ottawa denies access to the female "devil"

Ann Coulter is a symbol of hatred, bigotry and xenophobia in our media. She got much publicity in the post-9/11 era with her hate speech against Muslims, and became an overnight celebrity amongst the racists and neocons, who looked upon her as a model or diva. But to the vast majority of global citizens, she was like a female devil, worse than a whore and a beast.

It was sad to see that Canada, where I studied for two years, had allowed this bigot to appear in university campuses. Shame on those 'conservative' student bigots who have not learned the basics of humanity and yet claim to be civilized. At the first stop on her 3-campus tour, which includes U of Calgary, Coulter addressed hundreds at the University of Western Ontario. Coulter told the crowd that Muslims should be banned from airplanes and instead use 'flying carpets.' When one Muslim student asked how she should travel, as she didn't own a flying carpet, Coulter told her to "take a camel." Just look at Ann's unfathomable and inexcusable intolerance and bigotry. And yet some conservative students in Canada had no problem to invite such a preacher of hatred in their sacred institution of learning. How despicable! What is coming to Canada these days? When did hate speech become free speech?

I am glad to learn that the U of Ottawa’s student body has denied Ann the access to spread hatred in its school campus. She should know the difference between free speech and hate speech before getting into the air.

Thanks to all those U of Ottawa students, faculty and administration that stood up against bigotry and intolerance.
Thanks for the courage and showing the way of the future.

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