Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some questions on Israel answered

Today I got a letter from one of my readers who wrote:
Can you please enlighten us on the following facts:

1. How could it be called as United Nations when few of its members have Veto Powers.

2. Why is that USA helping Israel all out?

3. What should be the role of Muslim Countries around Palestine and others under the present situation?

My response to him follows:
1. You are right. The UN cannot hide its dirty past or its history of actually serving the purpose of the few - the veto powers, no matter how it tries to present itself as an international organization. It needs democracy more than any other place on earth, and cannot behave like a world-Brahmin of the few.

2. Israeli lovers have been able to take control of the USA legislative body, the senate and the congress, for a number of years. No senator and congress person can dare to challenge the Israeli interest and still get elected, or reelected. That is what has happened to the USA. As such, we can't expect to see change in USA policy in matters relating to Israel in a foreseeable future until, of course, these 'Amen Corners' are cleansed from the the US Congress.

3. The role of Muslims should be one of words mimicking actions. They have been too vocal like a paper tiger, while not doing much that make the bottom line difference. The problem is with Muslim leaders, who are subservient to non-Muslim forces. No one has the guts to say things that would make them blacklisted, more like what is happening with Iran. Their enemies, on the other hand, are careful and persistent. Rather than going after all Muslim states in one shot, they take turn one at a time. Today it is Iran, yesterday it was Iraq and before that Afghanistan, and tomorrow it will be Turkey or Pakistan. Such slow selection process does not alarm the targeted victims - the Muslim people, while one by one they are dying, or becoming failed states. Since their enemies are stronger and more organized what Muslims need is to use their collective voices with hiqmah or wisdom.

Here are some suggestions that many have hinted about:
a. energize the OIC, and let it be the arbitrator and enforcer amongst Muslims, much like the NATO, so that it can punish its bad guys, while protect its good ones (this is what the Qur'an calls for);
b. move to dinar and dirham based economy, away from the paper money; convert all foreign exchanges to gold and silver; move assets and money away from hostile countries;
c. create competencies in science and engineering, develop world class institutes in every area of human knowledge;
d. challenge western and pro-Israeli stands in every opportunity they get about the inhumanity of the Israeli factor, while not being oblivious about their own hypocrisies;
e. strengthen their own homes and bring their people united on general principles enshrined in the Qur'an and Sunnah;
f. boycott doing business with countries that are hostile to Muslim causes like those in the Occupied Palestine.

Israel has to be unmasked and shown as a pariah state that is detrimental to the interest of the other countries. When others see the danger in that relationship, they will relent. Nowadays, however, the western powers use Muslims against each other because the Ummah is not represented in most territories by the very people that they dare to represent. Problem is: the Ummah can't get rid of these puppets in their midst because their enemies won't let them be removed. Somalia is a good example here. Once Muslims respect their own people, no western power can subdue them whether that be in Palestine or elsewhere. They are far from holding onto Allah's rope, as required per dictum of the Qur'an. Muslims are their worst enemies today. The harm they do to each other is worse than those done by their hated enemies. That is the sad reality. Under that scenario, there is little good that will emanate from Muslims in matters dealing with Palestine.

Israel is a time bomb in making. Either it has to kill all the Palestinians or remove them from its control, or allow them to live in a state of their own. And there is a third option, which is to accept the one-state formula of a democratic state with equal representation for all the inhabitants - settlers and natives. This latter option has remained untried today, but remains a viable option. In this third option, the population growth rate of the Palestinians will overpass that of the Israelis. And as such, they cannot approve it either. So, knowing all these options, they are undecided today hoping that by some miracles the problem will disappear. But it won't. If they are wise today, they will let Palestinians live in the pre-1967 borders, i.e., accept the second option. That will require changing their colonial and settler mindset, and accepting the UN resolutions per international law and expectations. Which one will they choose to accept or reject?

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