Sunday, August 29, 2010

Christianity Today endorses a bigot

I just came across an article in Christianity Today. Its editor is David Neff who wrote an article “Give Franklin Graham Some Slack—and Some Credit,” which is problematic on several grounds. By writing such praises for one of the worst chauvinists of our time, the editor has shown that the paper promotes bigotry.

Neff endorses Franklin Graham’s offensive remarks about Islam. This is a sickening display of selective amnesia when one finds worst kinds of crimes committed in the name of Christianity over the last two millennia. Just in Iraq alone, Franklin Graham and his spiritual student George W. Bush killed more than a million innocent Iraqi Muslims, all under the false pretext of finding never-to-be-found WMDs. Is lying kosher in Christianity? Is killing human beings kosher in Christianity?

And then Franklin Graham had the audacity to appear in Iraq with his Samaritan Purse, which did not fool anyone as to where his motivation lied. It was not helping unarmed and maimed Iraqis, thanks to his own evil preaching in favor of war (and not peace), but to steal the souls of those victims.

Shame on Christianity Today and David Neff for endorsing a murderous bigot whose very preaching was responsible for two devastating wars that not only killed more than a million innocent human beings on the other side but also thousands of patriotic American soldiers.

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  1. Actually, I said that I did not agree with Franklin Graham's broad characterizations of Islam. You need to read more carefully. You also need to look at the date the piece was written--mid-2002--and treat it in its historical context.