Monday, February 14, 2011

MSNBC should not entertain an Islamophobe

This morning, I was extremely disappointed with MSNBC's choice of interviewing Niall Ferguson, the Harvard History professor, on the Morning Joe program. Anyone familiar with his work and life knows that he is a rabid Islamophobe, whose agenda includes protecting Israeli interest above anything else. Interestingly, he left his previous wife to marry Ayaan Hirsi Ali, another rabid Islamophobe, who made a point in her life to extinguish the faith of some 1.6 billion people, i.e., Islam by any means possible. She is a proven liar to whom the ends justifies the means. Not too long in her appearance in the CNN during the Egyptian Revolution, she mentioned to Anderson Cooper that she was from Kenya while everyone familiar with her life story know that she is from Somalia who had left the country in the midst of civil war some two decades ago. Her life is a complex one that is hemmed in lies and deceptions, half-truths and fear-mongering. Her understanding of Islam and its history and law is so pathetic and ludicrous that even a madrasa student with no higher degree than the basic degree is enough to show her pitiful ignorance; no alem or scholar would be required!

These two persons Ferguson and Ayaan Hirsi definitely deserve each other and can live their lives of hatred, bigotry and xenophobia - none of which are any of the values that anyone can look up to as a model to copy or live by.

In my letter to Joe, I wrote, "Please, don't allow the messengers of hatred to spread their hatred and fear-mongering. We have enough of those, thanks to Fox News. Your listeners don't like to see another Bill O'Reilly show or Sean Hannity, but the real Joe that you are, providing a balanced perspective on issues that are important to our American people and people around the globe."

Niall Ferguson has lived a life of adultery all his life. According to published reports, he has cheated on his wife eight times over the past five years, according to one family friend, and five of these affairs have apparently taken place over the past 18 months.

Ferguson is not a role model for anyone. His advices are also disingenuous and biased by his delusional mind. He is on the board of the Centre for Policy Studies, the leading Right-wing think-tank, and works as an unofficial adviser to Mr Cameron, in particular on how to promote ‘Britishness’. Hateful guys like him should not be given the spotlight that they crave for to further divide our world into hateful camps.

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