Monday, February 21, 2011

Pictures of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

I recently came across some pictures of Rohingya refugees living in makeshift camps in the Cox's Bazar area in the south-eastern part of Bangladesh, close to the Bangladesh-Burma border. The pictures are really depressing to see the miserable condition of the refugees. Many of the kids growing under unsanitary conditions suffer from diseases, hunger and thirst. They also lack proper education, healthcare and other basic amenities of life that even the poor have access to.

My hope is one day the Rohingya people of Arakan state of Burma would be recognized as equal citizens in Burma, with rights similar to those enjoyed by the majority Burmans, and would be able to live in peace inside their ancestral home without facing any persecution, discrimination, harassment and abuses from the regime.

Thanks to Mr. Nurul Islam of ARNO and Mr. Tin Soe for sharing these pictures.

(For a good understanding of the Rohingya problem, please, read my book or some of my articles - here, and here.)

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