Monday, May 2, 2011

Obama says Osama is dead

After some fourteen years of massive manhunt dating back to 1997, according to the USA government sources, OBL is dead. He was killed yesterday (May 1) in Abbotabad, nearly 60 miles away from Islamabad in a secured compound. It was a Navy Seal operation that took some 45 minutes to complete the operation. According to reports, he was killed with bullet shots to his eyes, and then his body was dragged through the stairs before being lifted in the helicopter and flown out. It is reported that after completing an Islamic funeral, the dead body was dropped in the ocean.

These government reports leave many questions unanswered. For example, why was OBL not given a regular burial, which is the preferred mode in Islam, esp. since he was killed in action on land and not on sea? What happened to the bodies of other individuals killed? Are they dropped to the sea the same way? Why? How does this mode of burial help anyone believe the American story? Those suspicious can tell that the entire matter had an ulterior motive with true essence of the entire episode. Allah knows the best!

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