Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Anthony Weiner Case - my thoughts

As the Congressman Anthony Weiner incident showed social media is increasingly bringing out the hidden dark side in one's life. The embarrassing thoughts are now shared in the open as if they are okay. Little do these social media exploiters realize that this medium is "social" and open, and can be ruinous to a married person's life, and surely, politically Waterloo for a politician.

I am glad that Tony Weiner sounded genuinely repentant and confessed that his was a stupid thing to do. Such textings and photos are never kosher for anyone, esp. for someone like Weiner who's in his mid-40s and married to a very beautiful and dignified lady. It would be an uphill struggle for him to earn back the respect of his wife. I wish him all the luck there. Also, he should apologize to each of the recipients of his sex-text messages and amend his ways once and for all time. And it won't come easy. He may like to read my book - Wisdom of Mankind, chapter 3 to find remedies for his sickness. Truly, some Islamic/Jewish teachings may immensely help him in this troubling time to avoid falling back to the human frailty.

More absurd is the call from congressmen like Eric Kantor asking Weiner to resign. Lest we forget it was only two years ago when Rep. Kantor said that Mark Sanford, then a governor of South Carolina, should NOT resign when Sanford had an adulterous relationship with a lady living in Argentina. Republican senator John Anson of Nevada had a more problematic and sinful adulterous relationship with an aide's wife. And yet, in this case, too, Kantor said that he should not have resigned. It was up to their constituents to decide their fate.

But now when democratic Rep. Weiner does not have an adulterous relationship, in spite of his stupidity and immoral activities in the social media, Kantor has a change of heart. He wants Weiner's resignation. What hypocrisy! It is like throwing stones from a glass house. It is clear that since Weiner is a Democrat, even smaller failings are unacceptable. However, if more sinful activities are done by a Republican, it is kosher. Shame on Republican politicians that have a different yardstick on anything.

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