Monday, June 20, 2011

Caste system of Kerala

In recent weeks, I have been getting some messages from Mr. Perumal, the founding president of a Kerala based human rights group: OHIROS that wants to weed out caste system. Here below is my suggestion to him:

Salam (Peace). I was impressed with your website which is trying to weed out the curse of the caste system. As you and I know too well, caste system is the worst form of perennial slavery the world has ever known. It forces people to be enslaved not only in this earthly life but also in the afterlife (if you especially believe in reincarnation). This caste system was introduced by the Aryan invaders to the south Asian landmass, east of the HIndukush mountain range. The process resulted in the development of the most oppressive system ever known to mankind - the caste system in which the conquered people were relegated to the lowest of the low position, the Sudra - the untouchables, while the invaders claimed self-styled the Brahmin and Kshatriya status among their priestly and warrior classes with all the privileges guaranteed. As like any racist system, the caste system also ensured that there won't be any so-called contamination of the bloodline by inter-caste marriages. It was a total package of subjugation and oppression of the powerless.

The entire caste system had nothing divine or holy about it, for it was all based on racist theology, invented by Aryan invaders and their ilk.

Islam, the Satya Dharma, came as a solution to this imposed caste system by ensuring brotherhood of human beings where there is no difference between people on the grounds of all man-made artificial criteria like the lineage, wealth, birthright, color, caste, language. The only difference is an earned one by virtue of nobility of actions or deeds. It is something to really ponder about how Muhammad - the Prophet of Arabia, was able to weed out racism from the caste-ridden Arabian society. You may like to read an excellent review of his life from Professor Ramakrishna Rao.

Thus, while I openly welcome your noble effort to correct the flaws within the caste system that has over the centuries defined Hindu society, I cannot but sustain serious doubts whether you can find the desired solution without breaking this false house of glass. An outside in view may help you better to see how reprehensible the caste system is, and that when the patient is crying out for life-saving surgery no halfway measures would do any good.

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