Thursday, June 30, 2011

Missionary Conspiracy with Nuba Mountains of Sudan

Today, I read an article by Nicolas Kristof in the NY Times where he mentions about new signs of trouble in the Nuba Mountains area of Sudan where the Samaritan Purse, the Christian missionary group that is led by Franklin Graham, is involved. Here are my comments I just sent to Kristof in his blog:

Samaritan Purse is a Christian missionary group with declared agenda to turn Africa into a continent of Christianity. For years, it has worked with minority Christians to stir trouble against non-Christian regimes. Reports from Africa has shown that these Christian evangelical groups have provided arms and dollars to Christians to create Christian enclaves in those countries. And probably nowhere is this strategy more vivid than Sudan where the group was able to win referendum for the southern Sudanese Christians away from their majority Sudanese Muslims.

I am, thus, concerned about the development in the Nuba mountains where the new allegations have emerged about government's strong arm tactics. How true are such assertions? My contacts within Khartoum say that it is part of a massive propaganda by the separatist Christians in the Nuba territory who seem to be encouraged by the events in Southern Sudan for independence, and are used by hostile Christian missionary groups to further divide the country.

It is really disgusting to see Kristof being pulled into this game where he advocates for a group like Samaritan Purse that has a very bad history of deceit, conspiracy and ignoble missionary tactics that only create instability and divide our world into hateful camps. Shame on Kristof to fall for such a missionary ploy and their agents in the Nuba mountains!

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