Friday, February 3, 2012

Aye Kyaw - the Julius Streicher of Arakan and Burma - is dead

Aye Kyaw died on January 19, 2012 in New York.

The feeling I personally have hearing about Aye Kyaw's death is - the world has one less bigot and racist SOB today than it was merely a few days ago when he was alive. As we have repeatedly maintained our world is becoming a world of multi-culture or pluralism where different groups of people perform best when they are integrated and not forced to assimilate into, and worse yet alienated or exiled from the society. Aye Kyaw and his bunch of hate-mongering provocateurs like Aye Chan simply did not evolve into a thinking two-legged animal, but wanted to stay in their hateful pre-modern comfort zone of delusion and mendacity, poisoning the world with their unfathomable poisons of hatred and xenophobia.

And the irony of the whole thing is that Aye Kyaw and his ilk chose to live as minorities in their newly adopted countries demanding social and economic justice for them. So, why this level of hypocrisy, this level of promotion of hatred and discrimination, enticing people to commit war crimes against the Rohingya - the Bhumiputras - the indigenous inhabitants of the soil of Arakan? Obviously, we know their answer. It is for land-grab, pure and simple. The loss with Rohingya is a gain for the Rakhine and their cohorts in the Burman society! In so doing, they forget the writings of the history, the numerous signs for wise men to reflect and change their evil ways. They forgot that our world is spacious enough to share. They forgot that when a person dies it does not take more than more 6x3 sft of space on our earth to bury him or his ash. But as we have seen you can't teach an old dog new tricks. We simply failed to educate Aye Kyaw and his bunch of intellectual frauds who know nothing better than starting the fire of hatred. So their death is a gain for the world! I personally would have loved nothing better to see him hanged for enticing war crimes.

In his entire life, while Aye Kyaw was a celebrity among his hateful ethnic Rakhine community, the broader world outside his particular race will only know him as another evil brainchild of Julius Streicher who in this case, unlike the spiritual mentor, was able to save his skin before being hanged or shot for enticing war crime against the Rohingya - an endangered nationality in our world. I wish his death would sober other hateful bigots and racists to close the chapter of hatred and racism and amend their ways towards creating a more inclusive world!

But can I dream of such happening in our time? Probably, the Rakhine people can provide the answer!

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