Sunday, March 18, 2012

An interesting article on Israel's assassination program

In recent months with some Israeli diplomats and their family members themselves being targets of IEDs attached to cars, SUVs, fingers have been pointed to Iran. As you may know several Iranian scientists suspected of working for the nuclear program have been killed by the Israeli Mossad agents (and probably the CIA) inside Iran. Targeted assassination of Muslim scientists and engineers has been a specialty of the Mossad since the rogue nation came into existence more than half a century ago.

While it is armed to the teeth with all kinds of WMDs, thanks to its backers in the West, Israel does not want anyone to come anywhere close to becoming a competitor. So, it has bombed Osirak facility in Iraq in 1981, even though the facility did not have a weapons program. It misguided the Bushies to launch the Iraq war in 2003, which only revealed later that the Iraqi regime did not have any WMD. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have bankrupted the USA, and killed some 6,000 of its soldiers, and injured in excess of another 50,000 soldiers. As to the massacres, repeated incidents of My Lai the least said the better. More than a million unarmed civilians who had nothing to do with either of the fallen regimes - Ba'athists and Taleban - were unnecessarily killed, or rather pulverized in one of the most sadistic campaigns in history of mankind. The same forces, i.e., the Israelis and their 'Amen Corner' in the U.S. Capitol Hill, are again making the same claims about Iran as they did for Iraq. They have not learned anything new and will not learn anything. War and deceptions are their ways and they would continue to do their evils to make Israel the Goliath of our time by turning our world into a living hell. Even if Obama and Cameron won't stop Israel and come to the aid of the Davids of our time, if history is any judge of world events, Goliath will fall because arrogance and evil cannot win forever.

In its long history, Iran has tried to defend itself, rather than being an invader, something we cannot say of Israel, which has invaded all its neighbors in the last six decades. With immoral and evil backers in the West, Israel likes to provoke Iran. But the latter is smart enough not to fall for such traps.

Click here to read an interesting piece on Israeli murderous activities inside Iran.

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