Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yukiya Amano should resign from the IAEA - he is the wrong person leading the agency

In spite of all the evidences that point out that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program, the war party is busy. It is preparing for a war against Iran. And thus, just as with Iraq earlier, the USA government is trying to choke Iran by every means possible. At the heart of such accusations against Iran is the dubious role played by IAEA's new chief Yukiya Amano.

Here is an excellent article from Professor Sahimi of the prestigious University of Southern California, Los Angeles, which discusses Amano's criminal ploy at the service of the Empire. While Prof. Sahimi generously calls Amano "a political dwarf in the service of the United States," my views are that he is no less criminal than anyone within the Obama Administration and Netanyahu's government in Israel that want to repeat the crimes of Iraqi aggression against Iran for the latter's refusal to bow down to the altar of criminal Likudnik nexus. Amano is a disgrace to the IAEA, serving the interest of the warlords of our world who know only perpetual war to drift our world to chaos. No time in its history has the nuclear watchdog agency been plagued so much by bias and incompetency, all at the service of the war party. For the health of the agency, Amano should resign.

I agree with Prof. Sahimi that "Yukiya Amano is the wrong man for the wrong job at the wrong time. If his antics continue, the IAEA will be a prime culprit in starting a war with Iran." And we can't afford another war!!!

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