Monday, June 4, 2012

Rakhine Savagery Again!

I am simply horrified to learn about the gruesome lynching of ten Burmese Muslims in the hands of Rakhine Buddhist Maghs of Arakan. ( )
This incident once again shows that these Rakhine Buddhist perpetrators are nothing but savages. Through their savagery they not only give a bad name to their ethnic group but also to their religion. The incident also shows that the lives of minorities, esp. Muslims, are not safe in Burma, esp. in the Rakhine state. 

Truly, what kind of state is Myanmar and what kind of people are these Buddhists when they allow a mob of vigilantes from within their rank and file to attacking and setting a passenger-carrying bus ablaze with fire, killing everyone, without being provoked but simply based on false rumors?  A Burmese and Rakhine Buddhist ought to be ashamed of such naked display of savagery by its own kind. The local Rakhine state's and Myanmar federal government authority's utter failure to stop such a carnage and brutality from happening is simply inexcusable. 

One can only hope that those criminal savages would be found and punished severely for their inhuman crimes. Otherwise all those claims about a new Myanmar with a changed leadership would only be empty words and nothing else. 

One can only feel contempt and utter disgust at the Rakhine leadership that creates a hostile environment where its brain-dead criminal elements are battle-ready to unleash their savagery against Muslims. Shame on such advocates, messengers and executioners of hatred!

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