Friday, June 8, 2012

What Fareed Zakaria failed to mention in his WP article on Iran

What Dr. Zakaria fails to mention in his April article on Iran's nuclear program is that Iran, as a signatory to the NPT, has certain rights in developing nuclear technology. Iran's leadership has time and time again declared that it is against any weapons program. There is no reason why we should doubt such claims.
Well, the warmongering neocons, pro-Israeli hawks would differ. Their attitude is understandable given the fact that they act as the 5th column and more interested to protect Israel's interest than what is good for America. Their attitude is also hypocritical since Israel is not a signatory of the NPT and has hundreds of nuclear bombs. By denying Iran its legitimate right under the NPT, they want to keep Israel the only super power in the Middle-East - unchallenged and uncontested - so that the rogue state can go on doing war crimes everywhere (including denying statehood to the Palestinian people).
And the sad reality of our time is that our country, the USA, is mortgaged to Israel and her Jewish lobby. So, no one dares to challenge many of these assertions and claims made by the pro-Israeli groups. [Even Dr Zakaria, an otherwise serious and no-nonsense journalist, is hesitant to call a spade a spade.] Thus, what we have is redirecting our discussion around Iran's nuclear program and nothing about the threat that Israel poses to the entire region.
If we truly are for peace and stability in the region, why not we ensure that no country in the Middle-East has nuclear weapons? How about destroying all those Israeli arsenals before we suspect and go gung-Ho about Iran's program?
No, we won't see such discussion in the Washington Post or the NY Times.
It is outright hypocrisy, and nothing else!

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