Friday, July 27, 2012

Sugar coating a pogrom won't solve problem for Burma

I just came across an article posted in the Dawn which was full of twisting facts and denial of any responsibility for the Rakhine mobs who started the current pogrom against the Rohingyas of Burma, in total collusion with government support at the federal and local levels. I sent out the comment below for posting, although I am not sure if my message would be posted by the Dawn. Here below are my comments for those who care to read:

"Ms Khine's views here are not silent views of a reluctant observer but of a highly biased Rakhine Magh who has not grown up to understand that ethnic cleansing of anyone is unacceptable in our world, esp. in the 21st century. She does not tell about the lynching death of 10 Burmese Muslims who were not from the Rohingya race or ethnicity when they were returning from their trip to Arakan. Why were they killed, if not for sure: bigotry and racism? 

Point here is: Burma has been a racist and bigotry-ridden country for ages. The majority people in every territory is hostile to its minorities. They want them purged out one way or another. And that is a recipe for disaster for the country. If the people like Ms. Khine and others in Burma care about integrity of the country, they have to evolve into a more pluralistic society respecting each other and getting along without prejudice. That would require education and not propaganda from trashy history of denial and racism, which Burma is full of. The sooner the Burmese learn this and grow up, the better it is for them and the rest of the world. 

They ought to know that there is consequence for every evil deed. No one eventually gets away. There are world courts and other avenues to make the culprits pay for the crimes against any minority, including the Rohingyas of Burma who trace their origin to at least a thousand years. Read the history books of Moshe Yeager and others to find out the Muslim factor in Burma."

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