Monday, August 20, 2012

Eleven's disingenuous reporting on the Rohingyas of Myanmar is shameful

Recently a friend provided a link to a news report from Eleven, claiming to be Myanmar's number 1 newsmedia. What I found there was so problematic with twisted facts and justification for on-going criminal marginalization of the Rohingya people that I had to write a short rebuttal. Here below is what I wrote:

Eleven's coverage of the Rohingya issue, as expected, is not a fair one and shows deep seated animosity. It is basically an attempt to justify marginalization of the Rohingya and protect the marauding criminal Rakhaing. The reporter Aung Zin Latt, possibly a racist Rakhine, gives a clue as to how the fear about population growth within the Rohingya is used as a tactic to justify its crimes.
But, we must be cautious about the alarming trend of birth rates of the Bengalis when we decide to accept as citizens those people holding such papers and their offspring and grand kids. It is widely known that a Bengali father can have at least 20 children. When we multiply a population of 30,000 Bengalis by 20, and again multiply by 20, the population growth of Bengalis would be unthinkably high. 

Can this propagandist cite a single Bengali father who had fathered 20 children? I am sure he won't be able to. With his stupid idea, the Bangladeshi population should jump into 3 billion soon! What a ridiculous claim! And yet, he had the audacity to claim such nonsense in Eleven, which vainly prides itself as the No. 1 newsmedia source in Myanmar. What a joke! And what are people forced to digest!

 His info on Kosovo is so erroneous and childish that I wondered where he has been getting his info from, unless through some gutter schools of Myanmarism! The vast territories of former Yugoslavia and eastern Europe had been under Muslim rule during the Ottoman period dating back to early 15th century. When the territory of Kosovo was carved out of Albania after the Balkan War of 1912-13 when Turkey was defeated, it was attached to Yugoslavia (orthodox Christian dominated) and not to Albania where the majority people are Muslims by the winning Balkan League. One can see similar trends in many parts of the former colonial territories. Anyway, his reporting showed how stupid he is and what kind of moronic info the Myanmarese people are forced to chew upon.

Nonetheless, fear tactics works as a justification for horrendous crimes of delusional minds. And that is what this article is guilty of. It is simply barbaric and unacceptable in our time. Hitler used the same recipe against the Jews of Germany to provide the justification for its elimination policy. 
Shame on Eleven!

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