Friday, August 24, 2012

Myanmar Ambassador's Statement- a hogwash

As a representative of the Myanmar government, its ambassador to India recently wrote a letter to a Muslim leader in India explaining the situation inside the Arakan (Rakhine) state. It was another attempt by the government to evade its own failure or who knows - its own responsibility - towards hate crime which has probably resulted in the deaths of tens of  thousands of Rohingyas. 

Here is my assessment below of his letter:

The allegation of rape by a Muslim Rohingya was never proven. What we heard was that 3 suspects were taken to custody who confessed, and then one - the main culprit - later committed suicide. Myanmar govt. has a long history of planting such race riots. Its own forces would commit crime like rape and then throw the dead body in sensitive territories to create tension between various races. While we don't know for sure if this type of conspiracy happened again or not, but if it did I won't be surprised. The country does not have an open court system which allows people to find the truth during trial. Interestingly, the culprit killed himself - how do we know that it truly happened or that he was not killed by police who did not want the truth to ever come out? There are many such unanswered questions which beg answer. But unfortunately, we may never know.

The Myanmar ambassador's views in India are to diffuse tension and nothing else. He is puppeteering the govt. position. As I write this response, all the mosques are closed; people could not pray their eid prayer; hundreds of mosques continue to be demolished (and previously burned during riot). If that is what means by churches, pagodas and mosques are standing side by side as if to prove people of various faiths have been living in real harmony - I don't know what does the word harmony mean, nor what does persecution mean. 

What is going on against Rohingya is a pure case of neo-Nazi Racism. Burma does not want anyone who is not a Buddhist. Period! 

The world community needs to find ways to bring these criminals in the ICC for their crimes against humanity, without which today it is Rohingya, tomorrow it would be Kachins, and others and so on and so on. 

Just view the Internet to understand the level of intolerance shown by the Burman/Rakhine Buddhists who desire a "pure Burma" that is not "contaminated" by any other race. They call it "racial purity" of the nature of Japan. Is this plan anything but apartheid policy?

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