Friday, August 24, 2012

Myanmar president says monks, politicians kindling hate

President Thein Sein of Myanmar said that ethnic Rakhine could not accept the Rohingya as fellow citizens. “Political parties, some monks and some individuals are increasing the ethnic hatred. They even approach and lobby both the domestic and overseas Rakhine community,” Thein Sein said in a report sent to Myanmar’s union parliament – which combines the upper and lower houses – on August 17. “Rakhine people are continuously thinking to terrorise the Bengali Muslims living across the country,” he said.

I have been saying these for years.

After all these years, I am glad that someone like Thein Sein had the guts to say plainly that the Rakhines have been terrorizing the Rohingya Muslims. That is a welcome assessment.

“We don’t agree with their review… such a review should not be released in this current time…, it can worsen the clashes,” said Aye Maung, chairman of Rakhine Nationalities Development Party.

The racism of Aye Maung is obvious. Mind that this criminal has been behind fueling the current crisis against the Rohingya; so he did not like what he heard from the president.

Guys like Aye Maung should be the first ones put into prison for inciting violence and intolerance against the Rohingya, which is a crime against humanity.

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