Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obama's hypocritical speech on freedom of expression at the UN

President Obama has been hypocritical like many other western leaders when it comes to freedom of expression. Not too long ago, he authorized the killing of American citizen of Yemini descent Anwar al-Awlaki for his speeches were considered a threat to the security of the USA. Al-Awlaki was neither tried for his alleged threats to the national security nor was he captured, which if Obama wanted could have been easily done by his CIA and/or the Navy Seal guys. [The same goes true for the killing of OBL. In order to justify his killing without any encountering any resistance, in the beginning the White House tried to falsely claim that OBL was armed and as such killed in the Abbottabad raid when he had brought out his gun. As the newly released book for Navy Seal show he was virtually harmless when killed in his apartment.]

Lest we forget, Obama's government made every effort to shut down the WikiLeaks. It also  tried to get Assange punished on false allegations and charges. What was the crime of WikiLeaks founder on this 'feedom' of expression to educate us all about what goes on inside the diplomatic world? One could actually argue that by releasing such memos WikiLeaks has made our world more peaceful, and less violent.

Again, the fine line drawn was the so-called national security to justify violating such freedoms of expression by parties that are considered 'enemies' of the state. Not only did the Obama administration try to stop such views, it actually killed some practitioners of that right to free speech without any trial.

So, when Obama and his freedom-junkies talk about how 'disgusted' they are about the offensive anti-Islamic video/film in the USA and still uphold rights to such offensive 'freedom' of speech that had killed his own Ambassador to Libya, what the Muslim world sees is clear hypocrisy on such matters, and nothing else. And no one is fooled by such hypocritical speeches of a violator like Obama when they suit him. He can't simply have it both ways - protecting abusers and killing others. If he keeps on being hypocritical, as I said, sadly, Chris Stevens won't be the only casualty in this mess! Some nutty ones will get real crazy and do the things they do even though we abhor such. That is the law of physics!

Every nation, including the so-called liberal democracies, for its own selfish interest has always created such red lines between do's and don'ts in freedom of expression. Why can't they impose the same formula for anti-Islamic carricatures, movies, books, videos, songs, etc. when it comes to depicting the Prophet of Islam? Why can't they learn a thing or two on mutual respect and tolerance from the Muslim world on such matters? Can they show a single example when Muslims have made such offensive images or published demeaning books about founders of other religions to incite violence? No, they won't be able to cite a single one. Instead, what the Muslim world finds is that such abusers and provocateurs are rewarded heftily for their anti-Islamic works.

Let President Obama and his ilk answer: why Holocaust denial is a crime in many of the western countries and any one making a statement to challenge the official policy on this matter faces long prison terms and fines? Whom are these freedom-thugs fooling?

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