Saturday, September 1, 2012

Open Letter to the Chairman, Board of Directors, Coca-Cola Company on its decision about investment in Myanmar

Dear Chairman,
I am very disturbed hearing about your decision to invest in Myanmar. The government there has been practicing ethnic cleansing since the days of Ne Win, a practice which continues to this date, as clearly demonstrated in the latest pogrom against the Rohingya people. The latter are the most persecuted people on earth.
If companies like yours reward governments that carry out ethnic cleansing, it is impossible to bring about desired change in those countries with horrible records on human rights.
I would, therefore, request you and the Coca-Cola Board of Directors to delay any such investment in Myanmar until positive changes take place that allow Rohingya and other minorities to be treated as equal citizens and their lost rights are restored for a dignified life within Myanmar.
Thanking you,
Habib Siddiqui

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