Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jacques P. Leider is a disingenuous researcher

My attention has been drawn to an interview of Jacques P. Leider in the Here is my comment below:
Jacques Leider is long known for his academic dishonesty. In his own writings he mentioned that during the British era only a few dozens of Bengali migrants moved to Arakan, and now he claims that Rohingyas were not known until the 18th century. Well how about poet Syed Alaol's writings from the early 17th century? 
The greatest crime one can do is when it denies the rights of others to define themselves. The Rohingyas are a distinct religious and racial group from the Mongoloid- tribes of Burma, esp. the Rakhine Buddhists. By any definition in sociology, they are an ethnic group, whether or not Leider agrees. 
He has been parroting Aye Chan's flawed thesis to plant seeds of racism and intolerance, and thus justifying the current genocidal activities of the joint Myanmar-Rakhine criminal racist cliques. It is shameful activity for anyone claiming to be a researcher. He sounds more like hateful intellectual frauds of the Hitler era to marginalize the Rohingya people. Shame on him and shame on his disingenuous research!


  1. I am researching on Rohingya history for a journalistic piece and came across your blog. Thnaks. R u based in Bangladesh? Is a chat possible?