Monday, June 24, 2013

More on Time Coverage on Wirathu - the hateful Buddhist monk

I came across newsclips from the Standard (Hong Kong) and Bangkok Post which say that Myanmar deplores Time for insulting Buddhists and for ignorance of its reporter. In his statement, President Thein Sein said, "Buddhist monks, also known as Sanghas, are noble people who keep the 277 precepts or moral rules, and strive peacefully for the prosperity of Buddhism."
Of course, Myanmar and its majority Buddhists that are guilty of committing genocide against the minority Muslims there are upset with Time magazine and its brilliant reporter Hannah Beech who hit the hornet's nest. They and other supporters of genocidal practices against the minority Muslims hate being on the spotlight for their monstrous crimes against humanity. They will try to tarnish the image of a brave reporter like Hannah for laying out the facts for all to see. So, I am not surprised by Standard's ridiculous one-sided piece to whitewash crimes of Myanmar and its notorious son Wirathu.

For too long we in the West had a very romantic view of Buddhism. Forgotten or ignored there was the ground reality of Buddhist crimes done under the name of religion, let alone its people. As I and others have noted many times, for hundreds of years the Arakanese Buddhist Maghs terrorized Bengal and neighboring territories of Muslim-ruled India. It is full of inexcusable savagery - the worst kind of crimes. Look at places like Cambodia, southern Thailand, Sri Lanka to see the Buddhist dealings with minorities whether they are Muslims or Hindus. Inside Myanmar look at Kachin and Karen states to understand how the Buddhists have been terrorizing Christians and animists.

What the Myanmar government and its majority Buddhist people have been doing with 'other' peoples, esp. the Muslims, is nothing short of a genocidal campaign - piece by piece in which the population are active promoters of the criminal program. It is a national project in Myanmar and there is no escaping from this sad but true commentary.

One should thank the Time magazine and its well informed and investigating reporter Hannah for a much needed factual account of criminals like Wirathu who are disgrace to any religion. With the religious edicts he and other terrorist monks make they soil the good name of their faith, and portray the ugly - the real - side of what Theraveda Buddhism has become in Myanmar that scripts and directs genocide.

Thein Sein cannot hoodwink the rest of the world with his appeasing comments that these terrorist monks are model Buddhists who only strive for Buddhist prosperity. At whose expense? Is genocide, pogrom of another people acceptable in that goal of selective prosperity? If not, his government better stop Wirathu and his terrorist supporters. If the answer is yes, then he better shut his mouth and accept the grim reality that Buddhism in Myanmar means genocide of other non-Buddhists, esp. its Muslim population. Period and simple! Thein Sein and other Buddhists of Myanmar cannot have it both ways.

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