Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hindu Samhati seeding plants of intolerance and hatred in West Bengal

I just came across a video clip from the Hindu Samhati in which its leader Tapan Kumar Ghosh made a fiery speech in its 6th anniversary in front a big crowd. He is a hatemongering provocateur who is spreading hatred and intolerance against Muslims in India, in general, and West Bengal, in particular. He is a Hindu fanatic, Saffron leader to whom past Hindu bigots and terrorists like Shibaji are models to follow, and create a Ram-rajya in today's India. Lost are the ground realities that in a secular system one can't have it both ways; one has to abandon one to embrace the other. But do Indians aspire for his dream Ram-rajya today? And if the answer is yes, the question is: can they afford it when the bulk of her foreign exchange comes from its workers working in Muslim countries, including Bangladesh?
Yes, Indian expats funnel in some four billion US dollars from poor Bangladesh, let alone the tens of billions from the Arab Gulf states. Lest we forget tens of billions are spent every year by Bangladeshi and other Muslim visitors to India for a plethora of reasons. These businesses rely on such Muslim visitors and without their money flowing in many of the Indian hospitals and clinics and other business centers would suffer terribly bad, if not shut down altogether.
In the post-9/11 era, I have seen hate groups like Hindu Unity (English for Hindu Samhati), Mukto-mona and many others all trying to poison our world and divide it into hateful camps. But until today I have never heard Tapan Ghosh. Now that I heard him, I am shocked and consider him a threat to humanity. He is a Hindu extremist! People like him should be locked up for the good of the society. They don't belong in our 21st century.

Here below is the response I sent to YouTube:
This is the most sickening display of hatred and intolerance I have seen spewed by a hatemongering bigot. In the name of Hindu Samhati he is basically calling people to take arms and to eventually go on the offensive. Tapan Ghosh does not tell his audience that it was hateful polarizing politics of the RSS and Hindu Mahasabah in the pre-Partition days that led to the ultimate partition of India and not anything else in which the minorities felt unwelcome and threatened. Even M. A. Jinnah, who remained with Congress for most of his political career, was disgusted by that sectarian politics of the Hindu nationalists (or more correctly fundamentalists) that was eating away unity. Still after joining the Muslim League, he did not want partition of Bengal and blessed the idea of a joint-Bengal under Sarat Bose/Suhrawardi formula - for keeping the two parts together. So poisonous was the environment back then that since Muslim League had blessed the Cabinet Mission for a federal system comprising of 3 units, the Congress Party of Gandhi and Nehru opposed it. The rest was history and the inevitable happened, and the people got divided into Pakistan and India.

Tapan also distorts data about Bangladesh. It is not an Islamic state but a secular one in which Hindus despite being a small minority of less than 10 percent hold most important positions within Bangladesh government. Their share is more than 30% there. Surely, the same cannot be said of Muslim minorities that live in India and West Bengal, where less than 2% have held government jobs. Muslims are discriminated on religious ground for jobs and other benefits. But Tapan won't share such info with his audience. Shame on him and his evil politics!

If Tapan Ghosh goes on spreading his hateful message, separating the people of West Bengal into hateful camps, it won't be too long that he would be held accountable for planting the seed of division. He is a criminal and a fool, who has not learned anything from history. Those who follow him are fools, too.

 What the region needs, instead, is mutual trust and respect for various religious communities so that they all feel equal and welcome, and not discriminated. If Tapan Ghosh craves for betterment for his Hindu people, let him change his paradigm and work for building amity, understanding and unity and not hatred, falsehood and division or disunity under the name of Hindu unity.


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