Killing of Muslims in Assam - 11 dead

Last month in a series of articles I warned about the potential harm that can visit Muslims in India, esp. in places like Assam, where Hindutvadi forces have been playing the anti-Muslim card to agitate others against the Muslims.

As reported also in the BD News:
"Candidates in India's general election, including opposition front runner Narendra Modi, have contributed to anti-Bangladeshi feeling in Assam.
Modi last week said immigrants from Bangladesh in a nearby state should have their "bags packed" in case he came to power."

The Muslims that live in Assam are not immigrants from Bangladesh. Like many others, they have been living there for centuries, and at least before the time of Indian partition into Pakistan and India. Simply because of their Muslim identity and Bengali root, they are perceived as outsiders or new settlers in hateful Assam, which had her bloody history of pogroms against Muslims.

According to the latest information, suspected tribal anti-Muslim terrorists shot dead 11 Muslims, including two women, in attacks in tea-growing Assam, where tension is running high in election time. Police said they suspected the anti-Muslim militants behind the overnight killings were members of the Bodo tribe, Reuters reported.

In the first incident, the militants shot dead three members of a family, including two women, while wounding a baby, police said.
"The gunmen entered the house and shot them dead on the spot," a senior police officer in the state capital with knowledge of the investigation told Reuters.
In the second incident, eight people were killed by a group of guerrillas, he said.
Two years ago, 40 people were killed in clashes between Bodo people and Muslims in the same district.


  1. Dear Mr. Siddiqui, you seem to be thinking only in one line. I have seen some of your old blogs as well. Can i have your twitter handle or an email id where i can send you some basic inputs which may help you understand the vital reason for ongoing anti-muslim wave in the sub continent. Regards

  2. Nilim Dutta's 2012 article which I have provided the link also sheds lots of light on the demography controversy and the allegations of so-called Muslim migration into Assam. It shows clearly that all such claims of Bangladeshi infiltration into Assam are a mere hogwash, and nothing more.


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