Friday, May 23, 2014

Narendra Modi - an analysis by Vikas Jose

Soon after my article on Narendra Modi got published in the Internet, some Indian pro-Modi supporters complained that I was too harsh on him, and that he was not a fascist. As I maintained many times before, Modi is a fascist, and I have not changed my mind on this dangerous man. His toxic ideology of Hindutva is  Hindu fascism and nothing short of it. By electing Modi and his BJP party overwhelmingly the Indian electorates have shown their fascination and fondness for fascism. Pure and simple! There is no other way to describe their choice! There is no way to hide this ugly fact.

Two years ago, Vinod Jose wrote an excellent article - The Emperor Uncrowned - analyzing Narendra Modi's rise from a low-caste Hindu family to becoming the chief minister of Gujarat. It provides ample of evidences to show that my verdict of Modi is not misplaced. The interested reader can read Mr. Jose's lengthy article by clicking here.

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