Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thai Government is in cahoots with criminal human traffickers of the Rohingya Detainees in Thailand

Thin Lei Win of the Thomson Reuters Foundation has recently covered the plight of the Rohingya detainees in Thailand. She mentions in particular about the sad saga of a Rohingya teenager who had left Arakan in 2012. This young teenager was holed up in a Thai Detention center for nearly a year before being handed over to traffickers.

In the words of the detainee, "I was stuck at the Ranong Immigration Detention Centre (in southern Thailand near the Myanmar border) for 11 months. One day, we were told we would be deported back to Myanmar. The boats were to carry us to Kawthaung (in Myanmar) but we ended up at a place where cars were waiting. The cars took us to the jungle camp run by the traffickers.
"The first time they beat us was just after we - about 400 of us - arrived at the camp in the early morning. They threatened us and made us call our relatives to ask for money so we would be released. When people said they did not have money or relatives to contact, they were beaten up even more.
"We had to squat during the day and sleep in a foetal position at night. We couldn’t move. The guards would swear and beat us if we tried to change position.
"After 10 weeks in the camp, my legs started wobbling when I tried to stand up. My body would sway. Within two or three days, I could no longer move them. I had to drag myself on my bottom to get anywhere, including going to the toilet.
"Many people died in the camp - some from beating, but they were already weak from not having enough food, and some from diseases because living conditions were not clean."

 By handing over the detainees to criminal human traffickers, it is obvious that the Thai government officials of the Immigration Detention Center are in cahoots with criminal gangs that prey on such vulnerable people. It is a gross violation of the human right of a detainee or an asylum seeker. Thai Government should be ashamed of committing such crimes and let the suffering linger.

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