Thursday, July 24, 2014

Donna Nevel's piece on Netanyahu and the Palestinian-Israeli crisis

As I have repeatedly mentioned in many of my writings over the last three decades the Likudniks in Israel are hardcore racists who have no human feelings for lives of non-Jews like Palestinians. That is why, it is so easy for them to commit mass massacre of Palestinians everywhere. For them, it does not take an excuse or real event to go onto the offensive and commit these heinous crimes.

The current events with invasion of Gaza where as of yesterday more than 700 unarmed Palestinian civilians have died with only 2 Israeli civilian deaths once again testify to this truth loud and clear. Benjamin Netanyahu is the man behind the latest war crimes. I don't know if our so-called civilized West would have the moral conscience to send him  to the World Court for such crimes against humanity, but facts cannot be hidden that he is a mass murderer, and has been always as such promoting and executing, whenever possible, such an evil.

Donna Nevel, a community psychologist and educator, is a long-time organizer for peace and justice in Palestine/Israel. Most recently, she was a founding member of Jews Say No!, and is on the board of Jewish Voice for Peace, and is a member of the coordinating committee of the Nakba Education Project--US.

She has followed the lives of many Likudniks and known about Netanyahu for decades since his schooling in the USA. Of her meeting with Netanyahu in the 1970s, she says, "He [Netanyahu] spoke contemptuously about Arabs, and predicted he would be the leader of Israel someday and would protect the Jewish state in the way it deserved. The immediate response many of us had was: “Heaven help us all if he ever gets into power in Israel.”"

You can read about her take on the current crisis by clicking here.

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