Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Indian-American physician allege rape by Indian Military Attache in NY

Dr. Anurita Kapur, a single woman with a nine-year old child has alleged that she was raped by Colonel Manoj Tiwari who worked was senior commissioned Indian Army officer and Military Attache at the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations in New York, who also served as a New York Liaison for the Defense of India. Tiwari who calls himself Tiger Tiwari is believed to be now hiding out at the Army War College at Mhow, India after her complaint.

Anurita reported the incident to The Permanent Mission of India (PMI) to the United Nations in New York including Permanent Representative of India to the UN Ambassador Ashoke Mukherjee, Deputy Permanent Representative of India Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri and other officers.
The Permanent Representative of India then passed on the complaints to his lower officers and nothing moved for over six months. No one investigated the matter at PMI instead passed the buck without any outcome. She feared that the officers are covering up for Tiwari.

Anurita also reported the matter to The Indian Embassy, all past and current Ambassadors Permanent Representatives (PR) and Deputy Permanent Representative (DPR), Counselors, Military Attache, Air Attache and Naval Attache in Washington and New York and to her dismay none investigated her complaint.

She also reported the matter to President of India, Prime-Minister of India, Minister of External Affairs, former Minister at the Ministry of Defense, Minister of Home Affairs, Chief of Army Staff, Director of Mechanized Infantry, Madras Regiment and leaders of the Indian Congress Party, he said.
Unfortunately, it has been over a year since Tiwari ran away to India, but no justice has been given to Anurita.

Instead the previous Indian Government tried to hush everything and shoved it under the rug to protect their high official Colonel Manoj Tiwari who is a sex predator and a rapist, the press release said.

After Dr. Kapur made complaints against him to Indian Government last year, Tiwari started making death threats to stop her from going public and filing complaints against him, she alleged.

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