Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Latest News on Gaza MASSACRE

In her latest murderous offensive against unarmed  Palestinian civilians, Israel has infiltrated into Gaza with her tanks. In Shejaia, 17 children, 14 women and four elderly were among 62 Palestinians killed, and about 400 people were wounded in the Israeli assault. Gaza's Health Ministry said 37 other Palestinians were also killed on Sunday, bringing the Gaza death toll since an Israeli air and naval bombardments began on July 8 to 434, many of them civilians. Some 2,600 Palestinians have been wounded, it said.

Eighteen Israeli soldiers and two Israeli civilians have been killed since the launch of the offensive. Hamas's armed wing said it used landmines and roadside bombs against advancing Israeli tanks and armored personnel carriers. Hamas's armed wing said on Sunday it had captured an Israeli soldier - Shaul Aron, as fighting in Gaza led to the bloodiest losses in a nearly two-week military offensive, with some 100 Palestinians and 13 Israeli soldiers killed. The capture happened during the same battle in which 13 Israeli soldiers died earlier, near Shejaia, the embattled neighborhood east of the city of Gaza where most of the Palestinian casualties occurred on Sunday.

Residents fled Sunday's fighting along streets strewn with bodies and rubble, many of them taking shelter in Gaza's Shifa hospital.
Cries of "Did you see Ahmed?" "Did you see my wife?" echoed through the courtyard. Inside, dead and wounded lay on blood-stained floors.

Thousands streamed out of Shejaia, some by foot and others piling into the backs of trucks and sitting on the hoods of cars filled with families trying to get away. Several people rode out of the neighborhood in the shovel of a bulldozer.
Video given to Reuters by a local showed at least a dozen corpses, including three children, lying in streets, though the footage could not be verified independently.

The U.N. Relief and Works Agency said that 81,000 displaced people had now taken refuge in 61 UNRWA shelters in Gaza.

In spite of the criminal offensive, which is condemned by the civilized world and Human Rights Watch, against unarmed civilians of Gaza, blockaded in all directions, the Obama administation remains supportived of Netanyahu's government that is guilty of killing children, women and the elderly. John Kerry told Fox News, "We support Israel's right to defend itself against rockets that are continuing to come in." Is he a moron or a supporter of child killers who does not know the difference between 430 and two?

As I said earlier, through her blind support of the murderous Netanyahu regime, the Obama administration has long relinquished its self-proclaimed status as an unbiased mediator of the crisis and has shown that it has no moral high ground. It is as bad as Putin's government that helped to bring down the Malaysian Airlines killing 298 civilians. Probably worse!

You can read the latest report about Gaza by clicking here.

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