Sunday, July 27, 2014

Who killed those 3 Israeli teenagers?

The government of Israel has been in the business of manufacturing lies to justify its evil occupation and extermination campaigns against displaced Palestinians since its unholy birth. Every new criminal action has always been with the motive to gain more control undermining the rights and privileges, if any left, of the occupied people - the Palestinians. So, from Netanyahu on the top down to his envoys across the globe - these war criminals and their diabolical supporters - are despicable liars to deflect and confuse world opinion. In spite of being an utterly evil government with no respect for human lives and international law, it wants to present itself as decent and its unjustifiable actions justifiable, which are necessary for the good of its Jewish people living inside Israel and for its patrons and sponsors in the western world for whom it claims to be a rampart in the Middle East.

In earlier articles, I have mentioned that Israel's latest genocidal campaign against unarmed Palestinians of Gaza had nothing to do with the death of 3 Israeli teenagers. The sad event did not happen inside Hamas-controlled Gaza, and there was no connection tying Hamas. And yet, Netanyahu chose to attack Gaza and kill unarmed civilians. The death toll of civilians has already risen above 1000 on the Palestinian side. On the Israeli side 43 Israeli soldiers have died.

Now some Israeli soldiers had enough of being used as Netanyahu's willing executioners; they are refusing to participate in the massacre of unarmed Palestinians. Many conscientious Jews around the globe are also protesting Netanyahu's evil - home and abroad - shoulder to shoulder with other protesters.

Evil mass murderers like Netanyahu ought to know that lies have short life, and cannot ultimately triumph over the truth. But so poisonous is their mind that they refuse to accept the inevitable and go on prolonging their evil actions hoping to dodge the crisis that they started.

A recent revelation from BuzzFeed reporter Sheera Frenkel confirms that Hamas had nothing to do with the murder of those Israeli teenagers. She writes, "After Israel's top leadership exhaustively blamed Hamas for kidnap of 3 teens, they've now admitted killers were acting as "lone cell.""

You can read her report by clicking here.

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