Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Maximizing the number of civilian casualties has been Israel's goal

I have long maintained and rightly so that Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel is an evil monster who has no human conscience for non-Jews. He is an utterly evil person. Like many of his predecessors lying and deception come too easily for him.

When facing difficult questions in front of international media, Netanyahu often wants to portray his mission of mass murder in Gaza as a humane one, and of not targeting civilians. The facts are just the opposite:  some 1,700 Palestinians have already died and nearly a quarter of Gaza's population - more than two hundred thousands have been rendered homeless because their homes have been destroyed in massive attacks from the IDF. His mass murdering soldiers and pilots did not discriminate between UN Schools, hospitals, mosques, businesses, apartments, anything. To them, under his evil leadership, everything owned or lived by Palestinians was a fair target.

Here in the USA, we are bombarded with false propaganda from Israel's mouthpieces in the media, the Fox channels, CNN and other newspapers and TV and radio stations, let alone the immoral 'Amen' Corner in the Capitol Hill, that Israel does not target civilians; and that it is all the fault of the Hamas and the poor Palestinians who refused to bow down.

As I have shared earlier, fortunately, some Americans and westerners have been very critical of Israel's campaign calling it a genocide. Hollywood celebrities have also weighed in against the offensive. Actor Javier Bardem called it a “genocide."

"In the horror that is happening in Gaza, there is no room for distance or neutrality," Bardem wrote in a letter to Spanish newspapers. "It is an occupational war and an extermination one against a town with no means, confined to minimum territory, without water and where hospitals, ambulances and children are targets and alleged terrorists.”

In an audio tape, presented here, (for video tape, click here), you can hear Netanyahu contradicting such popular notions that many Americans entertain about him and his latest extermination campaign in Gaza. In his welcome speech to Hillary Clinton in Jerusalem recently, Netanyahu is seen and heard saying: "I know that you are very concerned about the civilian casualties. Well, we do not share your concerns about the civilian casualties at all. In fact, we are conducting these surgical operations against schools, mosques, hospitals, universities, children. And one of things we are doing is to maximize the number of civilian casualties. We prefer that. I know that you understand this. But if not, this is something that I don't have to explain to Americans, president Obama, you, and the international community. Welcome to Jerusalem."

I am told that the audio and video tape posted in the YouTube is altered or a fake one to show his real sinister self. But facts are in the grounds of Gaza for all to see the horror Netanyahu has committed. The tolls on the Gaza side has been overwhelmingly civilians - almost 95%, while the casualties on the Israeli side has been just the reverse: less than 5% were civilians, 95% IDF soldiers. And there is no escape from judging him harshly from those facts.

You decide whether he should face charges of war crimes or not. If not now, when? And why not?


  1. This audio and video is an altered version of a meeting that occurred in November 2012. For the original, please view:


  2. Steve, Thanks for sharing the link above. Obviously, the YouTube posting has altered the message, pasting at least two speeches by Netanyahu - one in the presence of Ban Ki Moon and the other Hillary Clinton. But the link you provided still misses out the statement on hospitals, universities, etc. that Netanyahu is shown to make. As such, my suspicion is that the doctored YouTube version had borrowed from more than those two appearances of Netanyahu in which he did mention schools, mosques, hospitals, universities, children. If you have that link, too, share.