Friday, January 23, 2015

Whom are they kidding?

Soon after publication of my article in the Ovi Magazine on hypocrisy of the French government and its French-fried citizens on matters concerning Islam and Muslims, a commentator complained that I did not see the matter from the other angle, as if my view was a biased one. Another confused individual suggested that such insulting cartoons or expressions are uncompromising western values, and are not blasphemous, i.e., Muslims should learn to swallow them.

Such dissenting voices to my article show their deplorable ignorance. They are unaware of the clear cases of hypocrisy in western systems of applying laws. When it suits them they ride the van of freedom of expression to insult and abuse others, but when it does not suit them, they cry foul and incriminate people for expressing their views.
France has ample of examples highlighting this chronic disease.
Not too long ago, the Sydney Morning Herald of Australia had to apologize for a cartoon on bombing of Gaza while Israelis watched the mayhem from hilltops.

A screenshot of the article featuring the cartoon.
See the link for the cartoon:!/image/70914036.JPG_gen/derivatives/landscape_640/70914036.JPG

This is how they judged the cartoon:

"An Australian press organization has judged that a cartoon published in The Sydney Morning Herald violated press Standards of Practice by the way it linked symbols of the Jewish faith to criticism of Israel."

And this is how the paper reacted:

"In response to the adjudication, the Morning Herald republished an apology that it originally published onAugust 3, 2014, one week after the cartoon originally ran. That apology likewise regretted the use of the religious symbols of the yarmulke and Star of David, although it noted that Le Lievre’s work commonly depicts people with large noses, regardless of race or ethnicity, and that the image was inspired by news photographs of Israelis watching the bombardment of Gaza from the hilltops of Sderot."

The Press Council’s statement praised the apology and noted that the Morning Herald’s editor in chief and news director had attended “seminars facilitated by the Jewish Board of Deputies to raise awareness about imagery that could be construed as anti-Semitic."

If this be the attitude towards a cartoon that depicted reality in Israel why the same press is so unapologetic and arrogantly puffed up about holding the freedom of expression which abuses and insults one quarter of humanity?

Israelis watch bombings of Gaza from Sderot hillside
No, Muslims are not fools who can be put to sleep through some lullabies or absurd stories of fairness of freedom of expression in the western societies.

Whom are they kidding?

Interested readers may find an old article (click here) quite informative to understand the depth of Islamophobia in the EU, which is home to more than 20 million Muslims.

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