Saturday, April 4, 2015

Judith Miller lies again - what's new for a yellow journalist?

Today I came across a Guardian news clip about Judith Miller. Remember her? She was in the business of manufacture of lies about Iraq's so-called WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) program, which was found to be full of lies and nothing else. I wrote a few articles nearly a decade ago pointing out her flaws and yellow journalism. You can view these by clicking here, herehereand here.

From her latest posting,  the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the neocon mouthpiece for propaganda, seemingly has given her a new life in journalism after she was fired by the NY Times and served prison term for misleading the country.  “No senior official spoon-fed me a line about WMD,” Miller writes in the Journal. “... The CIA repeatedly assured President Bush that Saddam Hussein still had WMD. Foreign intelligence agencies, even those whose nations opposed war, shared this view. And so did Congress.”

Miller again ignores extensive reporting showing that the Bush administration was making plans for an Iraq invasion before the advent of intelligence used to justify it.
Declassified memos show that on the day of the September 11 attacks, defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld asked aides to evaluate a plan to “hit SH @ same time” as Osama bin Laden. By November 2001, Rumsfeld was producing page-long outlines on the Iraq invasion with bullet points including “How start?” Bush began meetings in December 2001 with US army general Tommy R Franks and others to begin planning the war, according to the book Plan of Attack by Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward. As the war drew closer, other analysis suggests, the administration cherry-picked intelligence to suit a goal that was already in place: take Saddam out.
Many others involved in the sale of the war to the public have since apologized or expressed regret for their role. Former secretary of state Colin Powell, who pushed the flawed intelligence in a February 2003 speech before the United Nations, called the outing a permanent “blot” on his record and said it was “terrible” and “devastating” to realize his presentation of charts and satellite images and intelligence reports added up to a lie. The New York Times itself published a mea culpa for publishing Miller’s reporting as it did.

Obviously, Judith Miller is unapologetic and is surely delusional and needs serious evaluation of her mental health. 
Here below is my comment sent to the Guardian:
Judith Miller epitomized yellow journalism and was in the business of manufacturing WMD story, which was part of a very sinister program led by the War Party in the USA and the UK. The neocons raised the flag of WMDs pushing the countries to invade Iraq. She was part of that neocon criminal gang. 
It did not take too long for us - and of course, the price was a huge one with murder of nearly a million Iraqi civilians and total destruction of their country - to find Miller's lies and distortions. She was fired from the NY Times for misleading its readers. The WSJ is another neocon newspaper owned by the same War Party that fed lies for selling the war.  It is not too surprising to find today that she is getting a second life in that paper trying to mislead us again. Miller is a disgrace in journalism and so is the WSJ, which has been in the wrong side of history. Shame on her and the WSJ to again mislead the world community!

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