Friday, May 29, 2015

What's next in Sisi's Egypt - another incident of mockery of the judicial system?

In Sisi's Egypt, the judicial system has become a laughing stock. No wonder, one after another Mubarak era criminals, let alone Sisi-era neo-tyrants and state criminals, are released from serving prison terms for their gruesome crimes against ordinary civilians.

We have already seen how all the criminal charges against the previous dictator Mubarak were dropped while the popularly elected President Morsi - first in Egyptian history - has been charged with death penalty.

If you thought that you have already seen enough of such caricature of justice, wait a moment. Here is another shameful episode which has just unfolded.

Major Abdel Rahman al-Shemi was a former State Security major. He was convicted to 15 years in 2012 for torturing a suspect to death in the months leading to the ousting of Hosni Mubarak. The accusations of brutality fueled anger among regime opponents.

Now like other Mubarak era government officials who has a history of torture and murder, he, too  has been acquitted of all such crimes against unarmed civilians in Sisi's Egypt. Egypt's highest court has since overturned the earlier verdict against him and sent Shemi's case to a retrial in which he was cleared. The former security officer was released on Thursday, a judicial official said.

Don't be surprised to find repeats of such acquittals against Mubarak era government criminals by Mubarak-era judges! They need each other to strengthen the neo-Pharaoh of Egypt, and protect old ones.

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