Friday, June 12, 2015

Dr Mahathir's call to expel Myanmar from the ASEAN

Dr. Mahathir Mohammed, one of the foremost statesmen of our time, has been very critical of Myanmar. It should be pointed out that without his direct involvement as a prime minister of Malaysia, Myanmar would not or could not become an ASEAN member state. Now that decision is hurting him to see how the savage Myanmar regime has been conducting genocidal activities against the Rohingya people. He is calling the ASEAN to expel Myanmar from its group.

Unfortunately, ASEAN will not expel him. It is very dysfunctional when it comes to disciplining one of its rogue members.

Dr. Mahathir also laments that Suu Kyi is silent and has not responded to his letter. As I pointed out, the genocide against the Rohingyas of Myanmar has become a national project with enjoying widespread support within the Buddhist community, esp. those inside Myanmar. Suu Kyi is an immoral and opportunist politician with no bite of conscience. To her, getting to the top at any cost, including sitting on the lap of generals, is fine and she knows how any voice of empathy for the suffering masses will jeopardize her chances in the election and will hurt her politics. So, like an hypocrite, she is deafeningly silent.

You can read the full news clip by clicking here or see below:

KUALA LUMPUR:  It would be better for Myanmar to be excluded from Asean as genocide is unacceptable, says Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
The former prime minister urged Asean as well as the United Nations to take action against Myanmar.
"Countries like this only give a bad name to us. So, if you want to commit genocide, leave Asean," he said.
"Myanmar has not responded to requests to be more humane, instead they continue merciless killing of people, and this should not be the case," he said while delivering his keynote speech at the International Conference themed 'Plight of the Rohingya,  crime against humanity'.
He added that the United Nations should be asked to do something about it.
"Although they are not capable of doing anything, we need to push for it. I even wrote a letter to Aung Sang Suu Kyi on this matter, but there has been no response, so the fate of the people there needs to be defended from the outside," he said.
While emphasising that the boat people situation would not have existed if not for Myanmar, Dr Mahathir added that the 'no interference' policy has limitations which have now been breached by Myanmar.
"If it is a matter of political matters, then yes, it is acceptable, but there should be a limit to what constitutes non-interference.
" Although it is internal, the killing of people should not be tolerated, they should not have the right to treat people that way," he said, adding that Malaysia just stood by and did nothing when two million people were killed in Cambodia.
"These people have been a part of the country for 800 years,"  said Dr Mahathir, adding that the law prohibits countries from expelling people.
He added that he had a lot of respect for Buddhism because it preached peace.
"But here, these peace-loving people are perpetrating horrible atrocities. They burn homes and kill people.
"They are committing something that is prohibited by their religion or any religion for that matter," he said.

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