Sunday, June 7, 2015

My response to Aye Chan's challenge for a debate

I was informed by a Rohingya activist that Aye Chan, the Rakhine ultra-racist, preacher of hatred and intolerance and hate-provocateur against the persecuted Rohingya people wants to debate with me. Here below is my reply:

When a dog barks, humans don't need to bark with it. I don't want to dignify a savage like Aye Chan who has refused to civilize himself and continues to drum up support for genocidal activities against the persecuted Rohingya people. His education from a third rate university and teaching in a fourth rate university has not prepared him well to qualify for a debate with me. Truly speaking, such savages don't belong on the podium with human rights activists but behind the gallows for their crimes against humanity. If Nuremberg trials are any indications of justice being delayed but not denied in our world, I am hopeful that we shall one day be able to put such war criminals like Aye Chan where they truly belong. 

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