Sunday, June 7, 2015

While Western countries deny access to migrants, Malaysia's record is a nobler one

In recent years, hundreds of thousands of refugees have managed to leave their home countries to settle in host countries. Most of these host countries happen to be Muslim countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Sadly, very few western countries - all richer and more prosperous - have allowed these fleeing migrants to settle in their countries. Consider, for instance, the case of Australia not too far from the trouble areas like Myanmar whose state policies of genocide against the minority Muslims have resulted in mass exodus of some 140,000 Rohingyas to flee the country. Australian prime minister famously said that his country will not absorb those boat people. 

As I have noted many times, many of the western countries are hypocritical: they say things which they don't live by, or have not learned how to walk the talk. They can talk about human rights but talk is always  cheaper than hosting victims of abuse. 

Compare the deplorable western attitude towards fleeing migrants against that of the countries like Malaysia. As of May this year, there are 152,830 registered migrants registered with UNHCR in Malaysia comprising 49,600 Chins, 45,910 Rohingya, 12,320 Myanmar Muslims, and 7,280 Rakhines and Arakanese from Myanmar. There are also 3,890 Sri Lankans, 1,210 Pakistanis, 1,090 Somalis, 950 Syrians, 830 Iraqis, 540 Iranians and 430 Palestinians here.

When will the rich western nations, including Australia, start learning walking the talk?

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