Sunday, August 23, 2015

A dangerous sermon

Today while browsing the internet, I came across a very disturbing sermon, delivered nearly a year ago. Its web-link is provided here.

Several times in the past, I have voiced my serious concern about the hate provocateurs in our world who are no less criminals or terrorists than others who commit crimes and need to  be treated as such.

However, our powerful western leaders have not been fair in their treatment of this cancerous problem. In their knee-jerk paranoia they have been all agog about the problem coming from the world of Muslims, sometimes even violating the very legal precept 'innocent until proven otherwise', which has hitherto earned respect around the globe, by going after loners who were guilty at best of entertaining harmful intent but never acted on those impulses. Even the desire to migrate to ISIS/L controlled territories has been treated as a capital offense.

But when it comes to Julius Streichers within the non-Muslim community they have been quite nonchalant. And this attitude is a serious flawed one epitomizing double-standards and cannot be condoned at all.

Either we apply the same justice for all or we don't target anyone for his or her race or religion. That is what fairness means.

Sadly, our western society complains about inequality across the globe but sets its worst standards and examples when it chooses to ignore its own criminals. With that sickening attitude chicken can only come home to roost!

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