Monday, August 24, 2015

What are the neocons cooking these days?

What are the neocons cooking these days? David Bromwich has written an article, which is worth reading: "The Neoconservatives, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Republicans Game the System." It has appeared in the

Here are some excerpts from the beginning paragraphs:

“We’re going to push and push until some larger force makes us stop.”

David Addington, the legal adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, made that declaration to Jack Goldsmith of the Office of Legal Counsel in the months after September 11, 2001. Goldsmith would later recall that Cheney and Addington were the first people he had ever met of a certain kind: “Cheney is not subtle, and he has never hidden the ball. The amazing thing is that he does what he says. Relentlessness is a quality I saw in him and Addington that I never saw before in my life.”

You can read the full text by clicking here.

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