Sunday, October 18, 2015

It is religious duty to kill Palestinians - says Israeli Rabbi

Often times, we hear die-hard supporters of criminal regimes around the globe to claim that their taghut - the false gods, bosses - whom they idolize - have not committed war crimes while the facts in the ground are pointing to something very different. When it comes to the Middle East, the worse the crimes against the civilians the louder are the screams of these supporters and government agents.
Since the occupation of Palestine, the criminal Israeli government has been committing war crimes against the unarmed civilians. One after another apartheid rules and laws are imposed by the government to further dehumanize the victims of occupation so that they are forced to leave the country. If they don't leave on their goodwill, of course, the IDF and Israeli security forces are there to accelerate the decision making process by making the lives of ordinary Palestinians impossible. They shoot the Palestinians - the indigenous people - dead unprovoked. Some are imprisoned for years and forgotten in the black-hole of Israeli justice, much like what is happening with many Guantanamo Bay prisoners who were at a wrong place at a wrong time.

So, here we have the state of Israel that arrogantly claims to be a bastion of democracy in an un-democratic region, a bastion of civilization in an alleged  uncivilized region, a model state where human rights are upheld, and people are fairly treated irrespective of their race and religion.
Facts are just the opposite. It is an apartheid system with at least two sets of laws: one for the occupied Palestinian victims and the other for the occupying forces and the settlers. The latter has the right to kill the former even when unthreatened.

Many of today's violent settler fanatics are often followers of Kahane. The ultra-Zionist terrorists who today burned a Palestinian baby to death with a fire bomb near Nablus are likely to be modern day followers of Kahane. One of their main slogans is "Kahane was right," which you often see in Hebrew stickers or graffiti in "Israel," especially near settlements. In this slogan, they are referring to Kahane's call to deport every single Palestinian from historic Palestine, or as he termed it "the Land of Israel." This unambiguously includes present-day Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu supports their criminal plans and actions and as such, ignores their crimes.

But more problematic are the audacious and hypocritical claims of Benjamin Netanyahu, the current prime minister of Israel. He says that his government has zero tolerance against those who cause or call for violence. His government thus has been killing Palestinians suspected of causing any harm to the Israelis. But his apartheid regime is criminally silent on the crimes of his fellow settlers, and their Rabbis who justify violence against unarmed Palestinians.  Israeli "justice" minister Ayelet Shaked (who slandered Palestinian children in genocidal terms as "little snakes" during last year's war on the Gaza Strip) and a former deputy-speaker of the Knesset have openly called for genocide against Palestinians (he called for all Palestinians to be forced out of Gaza and put in "encampments," where they would be "concentrated."). And there are many more members within the government and the Knesset that have called for such extermination campaigns against Palestinians.

As I have noted many times we have extremes on all sides of the problem. When one set of violence is tolerated while the other is not, it only worsens the problem breeding more violence because no one likes to be pushed to a corner, not even a cat. For years, extremist Jewish Rabbis have been poisoning the already exploding situation inside Israel. They give religious verdicts justifying violence against the Palestinians.

Consider the latest news below.
Rabbis have declared the killing of Palestinian resistance fighters “a religious duty”, Israeli media reported.
Israeli news website Walla reported that right-wing rabbis replied to questions including: “Am I allowed to kick the insurgent, hit him or shoot him in order to kill him after he has been arrested or is this prohibited?”
Rabbi Rav Benzion Mutzafi replied: “It is not only desirable to do so, but it is a religious duty that you hold his head down to the ground and hit him until his last breath.”
Will Netanyahu's government punish the extremist Rabbi for such remarks? Fat chance!
Fortunately, not all the Rabbis uphold Mutzafi's criminal views. Rabbi David said it is prohibited for people to attack a Palestinian perpetrator of an operation after he has been injured or when he is posing no danger. Mutzafi responded: “Do not listen to Staph because those who have mercy on the cruel will end up being cruel toward the righteous.”
Mutzafi has big supporters behind his extremist views. Chief Rabbi of the city of Safed Shmuel Eliyahu is one such person. He called for all Israeli police officers and soldiers who allow Palestinian resistance fighters to live after their arrest to be tough, i.e., to kill them.
“It is prohibited to keep the vandal alive after the operation, because if he is left alive, there is a fear that he would be released and then he would kill others,” Eliyahu wrote on Facebook.

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