Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stop mass shootings in our school and college campuses

Yesterday morning, students at Umpqua Community College in Oregon got up like they do every day -- ready for class, ready to learn, to engage. But in an instant, their worlds were turned upside down. According to the Oregon Attorney General, as many as 13 people were killed and 20 were wounded at the Roseburg, Oregon college.
The killer was later killed by police. We are told that he was against organized religion.
If he was a Muslim I am sure everyone in the western media would have smelled terrorism in his despicable act. But since he is not, and thanks God for that, the horrendous crime is viewed just as any other mass shooting and nothing more.

We need gun control across America to stop this specter of violence.
Anneliese Davis, the  Oregon Chapter Leader of  Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has written the memorandum below, which I share:
"I'm going to be blunt: Our kids go to college to learn. Not to be shot.
Mass shootings are tragic by definition. But when they touch a college community -- a place of learning that's supposed to be safe -- they are that much more devastating.
Today's tragedy marks the 45th school shooting in our country this year, averaging more than one per week. You and I both know it's time for our lawmakers to stop telling students and teachers to stand up to gunmen -- just so they themselves don't have to stand up to the gun lobby.
At this moment, we can help console those who've endured real tragedy today.
Stand with the Umpqua community now by signing a condolence message. Our volunteers will deliver your signature:
Thank you for your care and your dedication to this movement.

 Please join me by automatically signing a condolence message to the community affected by this shocking shooting."

Please sign the petition below to send your condolence.

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